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Our Goal

Art Cart needs your help to fuel a short documentary to capture this first of its kind intergenerational, interdisciplinary arts legacy project.  Art Cart, a program of Teachers College, Columbia University, connects aging professional visual artists with teams of graduate fellows to undertake the preparation and preservation of their creative work.

1 in 5 professional visual artists age 62+ have no documentation of their work…Art Cart is changing this!

WHY Fuel this project? Implications for us ALL!

The Art Cart documentary will offer a unique look at a population that has implications for us all. Artists are in many respects models for society, maintaining strong social networks and astonishing resilience as they age. Most visual artists never retire and, therefore, remain very productive throughout their entire lives. Documenting the Art Cart process will allow us to share 6 artists’ recipes for healthy aging with present and future generations.

The Documentary: Who, What, Where, When…NOW!

Artists Betty Blayton, Eva Deutsch Costabel, Ray Grist, Diana Kurz, China Marks and Peter Ruta and 12 Columbia University graduate fellows from many disciplines including Arts Administration, Art Education, Occupational

Therapy, Public Health and Social Work are working through May 2011 to document the artists’ creative works.

With your support filmmaker Josh Haskell will produce a documentary that will follow the fellows’ experiences in collaborating with aging visual artists and will include interviews with the artists, fellows and faculty to capture multiple perspectives on the rich Art Cart process.

We are excited to begin filming immediately. The more money filmmaker Josh Haskell raises the more of the Art Cart process that he can share with you and others. Any funds raised in excess of the $3500 goal will be used to add more rich content to the documentary.

Join us in our endeavor!

Thank you,

Josh Haskell and The Art Cart Team

For Complete Information and to Donate Click Here!

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